Question about House Training

Submitted by braveheartdogs on April 16, 2012 - 5:01pm.

Answer: First, I want to say that it is great that your Dachshund is doing well with her training and gets along well with people and other dogs. For the potty training it is clear that she does not understand what you want. She is confused. Please do not scold or punish her for making mistakes. This will NOT teach her not to go in the house, which is obvious since she is still going despite being "scolded". Generally, this just causes the dog to be worried about going in front of people, which is the last thing you want. I don't recommend physical punishment of any kind ever, but even verbal reprimands can cause a dog to be cautious.

Here is what I recommend. Continue to take her out often as you have been including after meals, play, naps, etc. When you take her outside, say out with her and wait until she goes. You HAVE to wait so you can see if she goes. Stay out for 10 minutes. If she doesn't go after 10 minutes put her back in her crate for 10 minutes and repeat this until she goes. Once she goes outside give her a treat and allow her some freedom in the house. If she enjoys playing outside stay out there with her for a little while after she goes so that she learns that going outside will also earn her some play time. If you have a backyard with a patio you can simply leave her out there until she goes because you will be able to see if she goes so you could also just leave her out there but keep checking to see if she has gone and then let her in after she has gone. Do not let her in when she is barking, simply ignore that.

Question: Good Morning....I am not sure if you are still taking questions, but
your followers always seem to have good advice and I am in desperate
need of some help. I have a mini dotson, who is the love of my life.
She is my first pet ever. Thanks to the advice of my friend I have
taught her to not be food aggressive and to be submissive to humans.
She has also learned to get along with other dogs and cats, and even
strangers without being shy. My problem is with potty training. She
goes number 2 outside, but she urinates in the house. She has a crate,
and does not got potty in that. I have started taking her water away
from her at about 7:30 - 8:00 pm so she sleeps through the night
without crying to be let out to go potty. During the day when I take
her outside all she wants to do is play or stand at the back door and
cry to be let back in. I am trying to not let her in when she cries but
waiting until she is quiet and then letting her in. When I let her back
in the house she almost immediately urinates on the carpet. I scold
her and tell her no and then take her back outside but so far this is
not working. I clean up her urine immediately with an enzyme remover.
Any suggestions on how to stop her form urinating in the house? Should
I take her water from her and only offer it after a rough play session,
after she eats her breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also when she wakes
up from a nap?