Retirement Home For Senior Wieners: Step 3 completed

Submitted by benny on January 9, 2010 - 8:45am.

Despite how slow I'm progressing, the fact that I'm progressing at all is significant to me. Part of the delay, of course, is the availability of funds. I'm doing what I can as I can afford it, but things would be able to progress much quicker if banks weren't so dead set against loaning for construction purposes. Oh, they're falling over themselves to lend to me if I would only buy an existing home, but have no interest in loaning to build a home. Despite this, I have to continue on the assumption that someday soon, they'll resume lending for construction and I have to be ready for when that day comes.

Over the last few weeks, I've been having the lot cleared of the pine trees in preparation for the day that I can begin to build. The difference between when I moved in here and now is astounding. The lot isn't anywhere close to being ready to build on yet, as it needs fill dirt and compaction of that fill, but it's "clean", as you can see from the pictures below. It cost a bit more than I had hoped it would, but cost overruns are inevitable in any project like this. So, while I'm 11K poorer right now, that's money that won't have to be included in the building financing. So that's good.

Keep the dogs and I in your thoughts. This has so much potential. It's hard to believe that something I've been dreaming of for so long is so close to reality. 10+ years as a dream and (hopefully) only 10 months or so from completion.


looking towards my single-wide looking from the home towards the street