A Miracle in Louisiana

Dear Dachshund Rescue,
My brother is the CO of the USCG Clamp. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, they were there to assist with search and rescue efforts and to help evacuate survivors. While setting up a perimeter around the Port Algiers area, the crew discovered a small dachshund who had been lost or abandoned at the ferry terminal who was in the process of giving birth to six puppies, 5 males and 1 female.

A Miracle In Louisiana

A Special Story of Hurricane Katrina


The crew provided food and water to the mother and her new family as well as a blanket to keep them out of the sun. When it was apparent that no one was going to claim the family, BMCM Woodell took them and raised them in his quarters on board the Clamp.

The crew named the pups after weather events, "Surge, Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Taku, and Willawaw." The mom was named Katrina after the storm that she managed to survive while giving birth.

The pups spent their first six weeks in the CO's cabin aboard the Clamp and then were taken to BMCM's home in Houston where they remained until they went to their permanent homes.

Two of the pups, Typhoon and Willawaw, went to live in Midland Texas, while Taku (now Rocky) remained in Houston with a Clamp crew member. The other three pups, Storm, Surge, and Cyclone, (aka Cyrus) came to Burlington, NC where they reside with other members of BMCM Woodell's family. Mom Katrina remains in Houston with BMCM Woodell and his wife.

I am extremely proud of my brother and what he did for this little wiener family. While we have no idea where Katrina originally came from, it was a possible tragedy that has ended up with many happy tails and with the 4 dachshunds I rescued many years ago in Northern California, we are an Eight Dachshund family!
Jennifer Nivolo
with help from Rodney, Dieter, Marius, and Miss Fanny-Boo!